Loomcast is a company which respectfully comes into the lives of individuals or families to create personal audio recordings as heirlooms.

We spend time with you or your loved one in any setting you/they prefer. We have pre-arranged questions we ask to help provoke stories. The approach is client-centred and we facilitate the telling of stories.

When families are faced with the illness of a loved one, they are not often thinking of capturing the stories of that loved one's lived life until after that person is gone, often regretting not doing so. Capturing an audio story of your loved one can help with your grieving process. Having a recording of your loved one's voice can be of comfort when their absence is felt.

As humans, we often have the desire to leave a mark on the world for those that come after us. Loomcast is open to recording the stories of anyone who feels this desire in their life.


Pass On Your Story


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