How it's done


Fill out the form in "BOOK AUDIO HEIRLOOMS" or call directly 1-902-870-7753


I will respond and discuss with you the individual(s) involved in the recording, and where and when they would like to do their session. I also can provide narration to the recording, and a client's favourite musical choices. Adding music can leave an extra personal mark on the client's recording.

I meet with the individual(s) and take time to connect, whether that is over tea, a walk, or a song (I can also perform songs of their request, to warm up our interaction). We want the client to feel as comfortable as possible.

We begin having conversations when the client is ready. I instruct them how we will be using the equipment (a small microphone). I reassure clients not to worry about the equipment, and lessen the stress about the technicalities of the session.

We can take breaks whenever the client wants. Sessions are anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how long they wish to talk. It is possible to take more than 1 session to complete our conversations. I can do a series of visits with the client to accommodate their needs.

After the client or client family is satisfied with the length of the recording session, I go to work editing and mixing the recordings.

I will take upwards of 3 weeks to complete the finished recording. I can email the recording, deliver it on USB, or CD.

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