Hello! Nice to meet you, 

Combining my talents in audio production with empathetic listening, am I am here to help you tell your story.

I have spent over 13 years working in Healthcare in Nova Scotia, in particular Oncology and Palliative Care. 

My Father tragically passed away when I was 8 years old. As a curious and mischievous young girl, I once hid a voice recorder under the kitchen table where my family was eating. My father soon realized what I was doing and scolded me. Although he wasn't impressed with my actions at the time, this recording is among my most precious possessions because as long as I have it, I will be able to hear the voice of my Father for years to come, even in his absence.

When families are faced with the devastating illness of a loved one, they are not often thinking of capturing the stories of that loved one's lived life until after that person is gone, often regretting not doing so. Capturing an audio story of your loved one can help with your grieving process. Having a recording of your loved one's voice can be of comfort when their absence is felt.

At any age, you may ask: How will they know I was here? Pass on your voice as an heirloom recording to be cherished forever.

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